Est. 2018|Brooklyn

HoloMovement was born out of the idea that good music is good music, regardless of (mostly) meaningless labels like genre. Pulling from folk, rock, reggae, electronic, soul, rnb and hiphop influences, we are here to synthesize and wrangle a unique musical experience - whether through headphones on the subway or in person at a show.

Becky Krill serves as the band’s main songwriter and rhythm guitar player, David Gagne plays lead guitar and is a studio magician, Bill Burt brings the groove on bass and Alicia Lanzieri is our fearless lead vocalist. All of us sing and we especially like doing it together, delivering heartfelt harmonies and interesting vocal arrangements whenever we can.

HoloMovement is as indie as it gets. We write, produce, record, publish and distribute our music under our indie label, Mode of Motion.

Stream HoloMovement's debut EP here

About Us

We pride ourselves on being a melting pot of musicianship and style. At the top of the list of things that make HoloMovement, HoloMovement is our artist community and tapping into the varied talent around us. We are currently joined by Noel Brennan on drums, Alex Perry on piano and Michael Sarian on trumpet. We were proud to be able to bring another half dozen musicians into the fold to record our debut EP last fall. We are busy working on our first full-length album due out at the end of this year!

See you at show or on Instagram at @HoloMovementBand.


Booking & Press: Becky Krill


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